Thursday, February 3, 2011


[facepalm] will they ever learn?

It's a choice. Most of the time I don't have to choose to be happy, it juts comes naturally. But sometimes I have to choose to be unhappy or happy. My prayer is that I will choose to be happy every time I have to choose.
[one thirty eight] 2.2.11 Don't look at anything in this picture... there was a major editing fail. Just try to keep your eyes averted as much as possible. =)


  1. As much as I tried, I couldn't avert my eyes from that awesome photo. :) It actually looks cool lol. I'm going to have to applaud your amazingness in posting so consistently. I post about once a week on my blog, which is kind of pathetic lol. Keep it up! :)

  2. Yay! Comments! *eats them up* Well thank you. And thank you again =) I actually post about every other day, instead of every day like I'm supposed to =)

  3. Silly lessons with Disher? Or maybe not so silly haha.

  4. I like your prayer. That's a prayer I need to prayer more!!