About Me

Mom and Dad, beloved parents.
Samantha and me :)
John after he broke his arm late 2010
Joey with his new glasses :)
Big-blue-eyed Micah.

Big-blue-eyed Sylvia.
Big brown-eyed Levi :)
Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by. I'm a homeschooled follower of Christ from KS who enjoys reading classical books, playing the piano, (though not very well) taking pictures, (!) and spending time with family. If you're going to read my blog, there's certain people you should know, and will be hearing a lot about. The first are my parents, Lane and Sarah. They are heroes and chose to homeschool the seven of us. Next, there's me. I'm a photographer, so you're going to be seeing lots of pictures! I'm 17and the oldest. Samantha is 15. She loves horses and being outdoors. She's my best friend. John is 12; he likes to read (in fact he read "The Three Musketeers" twice in one week!) and to help my grandpa do chores. Josiah is 9. He also likes to read and play with Micah, who is 7. Micah is a monkey and very mischievous. Sylvia is 5 and is a girly girl; a princess and a priss. She likes to play with Micah and be with mommy. Levi is the youngest; he's 3, and he likes to play and eat! He likes to pretend that he's a kitty or a baby monkey.
My super friends :)

Just one of the great groups we've hosted this summer. What awesome folks!!



Aunt Cindy and Uncle David!
Plus the newest addition to their family, baby J from Korea :)

Papa John, my grandpa with Aunt Diane on his birthday.
Other people you'll hear a lot of are my dear grandparents, my Aunt Cindy and Uncle David, and my best friends Breanna and Alyssa.
So there you have it! Do enjoy your readings here, and allow our Father to bless you today!