27. Napping in the sun.
26. The first drops of rain.
25. Dandelion-spotted grass.
24. Hot showers.
23. Planting things and seeing them grow and bloom a year later.
22. Laughter
21. Music
 20. Flowers, shrubbery, foliage. It's all good.
19. Excuses to not do math. Hehe.
18. Spring.
17. This sun.
16. Men who decided to write a history one day-and did it! I have tremendous respect for the ancients who undertook this daunting task. 
15. My camera.  Especially my future one ;)
 14. Wind. Whether it's a whisper of wind, a stout breeze, or a glorious, hair whipping, powerful blast, wind is my bff.
13. Fuzzy socks.
 12. Emotion.
11. The color God has placed in our world.
10. Mr. C and his wonderful, Christ honoring teaching. His rabbit trails and his hilarity-inducing classes.
9. C.S. Lewis.
8. Our fireplace.
7. Earl Grey tea, with milk
6. Friends to lift me up, encourage me in the Lord, not tear me down. 
5. Walk and talks with Samantha.
4. This.
3. My daddy's smile.
2. Getting 'the' shot.
1. Standing on the top of the flint hills with wind in my face, spinning around, gazing at the full yellow moon.