Friday, July 29, 2011

[last weekend part two]

so beautiful.

the people at the park came up and warned us not to "get in the roses, you're fine if you stay out of the roses, and DON'T touch the water, it has electricity in it!!" Fine. we'll just take pictures in front of it :D

the amazing alyssa did all sam's, bre's, and my nails all in under an hour!!

how many monkeys can you count?

 i found this written on the inside of one of the walls in the houses at the park.. just how i've *always* wanted to be proposed to, haha. ;)

sad jailbirds.

ANGRY jailbirds!!

                                          ^^^ ;)

The birthday prince and princess!!!

again :)

Adorable :)

 All of these photos were taken tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon i had a bit of an accident.....

 Broke my finger!! We even have it on video :D we were having a whipped topping fight, and i was running as fast as i could away from the whipped topping, and bit the dust on top of my pinkie. Very long story short, i went to urgent care center and received a splint for the poor little guy. Special thanks to Karie for staying with me through it all and Nathaniel, Sam, Bre, and Iris for waiting in the lobby for hours at the hospital. And I'm doing much better now :)
Wednesday Justin came out and i figured i'd better have a picture with the king of hand injuries. And I must admit he has me beaten in that department...  :) (he's on the left, i'm on the right.. obviously)

[last weekend part one]

Our reflection in the water at the spillway.
 Sooo... we had an entirely epic time last weekend. too much to write. plus it's a bit hard to type right now (explanation in part two) but a wonderful time was had by all. hopefully you'll be able to get a pretty good idea of what all we did by the pictures :) (of which there are a TON) And we start preparing for Karie and Iris to come on monday!! i think i'm going to be ready for a break when school starts! ;)
much love,
Having fun with long exposure and Ryan's laser pointer!! Cool, huh?

My epic sister and friends :D

Karie eating her first gummy bear!!!!

Karie and her first ice cream in two years!!!

At the spillway.. again :)

I has the best friends.

Robbie's frog :D

...and, Little Bert!! Isn't he adorable?

Mr. Shaggy... this guy was seriously a walking carpet!

My beeeeaaaaautiful friend :)

i love how happy everyone is in this :)

Yep, it was saaannnd volleyball :)

Hehe, i love this :)

Karie is just gorgeous.

simply adorable :)

I love us. And thanks Zach for the picture!!

brother and sister...  <3

the light was soooo incredible that evening, i can't even describe it. luckily, i don't have to.



haha, bre :)

too much cuteness in one picture!!