Thursday, May 10, 2012

[prayer request]

Hey guys, these are statuses from a facebook friend of mine. I don't know Colton, but he can certainly use all our prayers. Thanks everyone :)  -shaina

"Yesterday, (tuesday) a friend of ours, Colton, who was serving in Afghanistan, was in an IED explosion. He had to get both of his legs amputated below the knee. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers."
"We have an update on Colton, first, the good news: he's in good shape under the circumstances, completely whole from the mid-thighs up with just a little 'road rash' and possibly a broken wrist. They will be extubating him later today, (thursday) removing breathing tube, etc. and he is, at present, coming out of heavy sedation. Most likely, he has no idea what has happened, at all. Today is the day he will realize the severity of his injuries. While you're at it, apparently this hospital is just slammed today with wounded warriors - please pray for all of them and their families."

 "We talked to Colton this morning (thursday) and he is doing soooo well!!! He was not surprised at his condition and remembers everything that happened at the explosion. He's in such good spirits that he and I both questioned the nurse about whether it was just the meds and she said that he wasn't on anything that would affect his spirits, just pain killer that makes him drowsy, and not a whole lot at that! He told us repeatedly not to worry and not to be sorry. No regrets, he's just ready to move on and be with his family and friends. He's in ICU in very serious condition, on account of his injuries, but doing remarkably well. It was so wonderful to hear his voice and how positive and motivated he is. He is an astounding man. He was so happy to know that all of you are praying for him and thinking of him and wants me to tell you all that he is very well! Thank you so much for traveling this road with us. :)"

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  1. What a terrific attitude!!! i'll be praying.