Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The guys hard at work.

One cool dude.
Haha. He was going out to read on the deck and wanted to borrow my glasses. they're not exactly the most masculine shades ever....

my friend/neighbor surprised me by bringing a box full of these cookies to my graduation on the 22nd. She is such an artist!! These are amazing.  Thank you SO much, Rachael!

pooped out workers.
Soo, update on a couple things: they finished the roof on saturday!!! Micah felt better almost immediately after getting home from the ER on...thursday? and has had no recurrences of the stomach pain, so that's a great thing. And, Mr. P is home from the hospital after having a second skin graft surgery. Dad's feeling MUCH better after going to the chiropractor and learning that he had a rib out of place. And Michal left today :( It was such a fast time.

me and weiders :)

sullen mikey.


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  1. Oh, I LOVE sullen Mikey...hahaha! Was that when his stomach was hurting?