Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I was doing dishes as Micah struggled to reach a cup from the cupboard. With his arm lifted up towards it, I poked him in the underpit. He grinned, and wiggled, then asked me, "Can you get me that cup?" (still pointing)  I poked him a couple more times, then made him say please before handing it over. He ran around to the other side of the counter and proceeded to pour pineapple juice from the can into his cup. I watched him and was thinking something like, "Somebody's getting too big for their britches..." 
But then, he finished pouring and went towards dad's office, saying, "Dad usually likes to have the juice.." 
That floored me. It doesn't sound like much. But Micah really wanted to please dad. And it was a mini life lesson for me. Am I willing to give up my 'pineapple juice' to please my Father? The Christian life isn't just about don'ts. It's about doing things that will please God.

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