Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the beginning of a lovely evening.
last night we visited Caleb and Micah's family and went to the park with them. it was soo much fun, just hanging out in the beautiful evening light and playing basketball, talking to the little kids and playing with them.

(L to R) Levi, Levi.

Justus bought a new bike with his birfday money. He is proud of it :) He likes silly bandz.

aaaand, he's adorable.

DAWWW. I'm finally getting Joshua to warm up to me juuust a little bit. He's soo cute and shy.

I played with him, rolling and throwing a ball around with him. the little dude's got some flexibility, haha.

some other girls that were at the park. Jasmine, Kayley, and Megan. sisters.

daaah. sooo adorable.

softest of light on the softest of skin

the traveling circus, haha.

*cough cough* Joshua and Kayley might have a small crush on each other... they kept hugging and petting each other on the head, hahahaha.

helping Megan blow the grass whistles.

She didn't really get it, haha..but it provided Samantha some much needed laughter, lols. (needed because I scared the willies out of her earlier that day and shaved about two years off of her life... hahaha)

Jadon showing the kids how to use the bow and arrows.

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