Friday, May 4, 2012

my word, she's beautiful.
Haha, we coordinate our smiles nicely.

....but not our silly faces.

taking a walk before we left to go bowling.
Joey got to hang out with the big kids for once, lols.

I found this leaf on the ground on our walk...and randomly stuck it on my face, like this. and it really stuck!! for some reason, haha. Anyway, it stayed on the entire night. I want a pair of these.

see? still on when we got home @ 11.
bowling was awesome!!! We had a really big group, 12 people I think. It was a lot of fun, and daddy even got to go :) Afterwards we went to a Chinese restaurant and ate...I'm having leftovers tonight, baby! :D


  1. The first ones, oh my goodness! Please post one of them on Flickr. You two are GORGEOUS. I am jealous of both you girls' eye colors. Sam's are soooo blue, and Shaina I love all the colors yours are.

    1. Thank you, Rachel!! :) Sami does have such blue eyes :)